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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Product Detail


Our Bakery doesn’t use any preservatives, artificial colors/aroma, or any harmful substance of any kind. Most of the bread have a shelf life of 3 days - Avoid Fridge & Keep it covered.


Shipping Policy


  1. 30 mins if under 5 km

  2. 1 hour if over 5 km till 8kms

  3. 1.5 hr+ if over 10 km


Shipping will be done directly by us or by our affiliate partners. The shipping will be done in tamper-proof packaging. There will be a tracking link provided along with your shipment notification


If there is any problem with your order immediately call +91-97328-14019

Return & Exchange Policy

  1. No Question asked same day day refund policy

  2. In case of wrong items delivered, we will provide with the correct item on the same day or within 24 hours

  3. No returns or refunds after 24 hours

  4. For communication please call +91-93728-14019

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